RT to Haines Canyon Pond

Sunday, May 21, 2017

It was hot.  Patti & I both lamented the velocity at which the heat had seemingly arrived.  I had planned to be up here early…to beat the heat.  Fail.  Here I was, approaching the noon hour, still grooming my black horse to go out on trail.

The good news of the day was that once climbing to a certain elevation where you could see the whole valley, the expansive view was accompanied by a comfortable breeze.  Not exactly a cool breeze – it was probably the same temperature as the air, but against the perspiration on both of our hides, it felt nice.

We were logging miles on GPS during this ride, so if you’re looking for a ride out but aren’t sure how far you want to go, here are a couple of “milestones” along the road to the Haines Canyon Pond overlook to help you gauge that.

From RT, take the single track trail up to the fire road (which is actually known as “Rim of The Valley Trail“). Continue uphill (most of the ride is uphill, and then, of course, downhill on the way back to the barn).

When you get to the back entrance of the Alpine Village Neighborhood, you will have ridden approximately 1.5 miles.

If you turn back here and head home the same direction, you will obviously complete a 3 mile ride.

Another option is to go through the neighborhood (the residents LOVE this!  It’s like a holiday when the horses come through).  I didn’t ride this way on Sunday, so I don’t have accurate mileage, but it’s pretty likely still a three-mile round trip. The street can be pretty steep in places and it is 100% paved – no actual dirt trails like you might find in some of the more equestrian-conscious neighborhoods.

Should you choose to continue on, the next milestone will be the wooden sign “Gateway to the Rim of the Valley Trail.”  Hard to miss it.  There’s a large pine tree next to it if you need to pause in the shade.  I think this is about 2.25 miles from RT…I will have to verify that on my next ride.

Our goal on Sunday was to make it to the first summit: the overlook (on one side) of the Tujunga Valley and Haines Canyon Pond/Reservoir on the other.  There is a fence here and a bit of a plateau.  Great photo spot, and why not?  You and your horse earned it after slogging up 3.5 miles.